Counselling Strategies to Curb the Menace of Drug Addiction among Secondary School Students in Sokoto State

Ramatu Muhammad


The level of drug abuse by adolescents (secondary school students) in the society is alarming and hence requires all hands to be on deck in addressing the issue. When these students are allowed to digress by joining the drug train, they end up harming themselves and posing serious health and safety threat to their families, communities and the country at large. This paper explores the importance of counselling in addressing the menace of drug addiction among secondary school students in Sokoto State. The paper highlights and discusses reasons that influence students to abuse drugs, the health implications of drug abuse as well as the best counselling strategies to employ in rooting out the menace of drug abuse among secondary school students. The paper concludes by recommending among other things that the Ministries of Education and Culture in collaboration with the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) should embark on sensitization campaign to caution students on the adverse effects of drugs. Also, counsellors should enlighten the school teachers and students on the dangers associated with drug addiction.

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