Effects of Single and Multiple Training Programmes on Flexibility: A Physiological Variable of Male Physical and Health Education Students of Federal College of Education, Zuba

U. O. Suleiman, N. C. M. Achikasim, J. Balarabe, G. J. C. Isaiah, J. A. Gwani & C. E. Dikki


This research was conducted to determine the effects of single and multiple training sessions on flexibility as a physiological variable of male adolescents. Data was collected from 60 randomly selected students of Federal College of Education, Zuba – FCT. Pre-training values of flexibility were determined. After 12 weeks of interval training, single and multiple, 3 times a week, 30 minutes per session the variable were applied to be compared. Two tail t-test and ANOVA procedures were applied on the collected data. The result of the t-test showed that there is no significant differences between single and multiple training groups on flexibility. However, both single and multiple training were discovered to have significant effects on the selected body parameters of the subjects. The post training scores were significantly different from the pre-training scores. From the finding of this study, it was concluded that training single or multiple session per day with the same intensity of work load produced similar training effects among adolescents.

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