Functionality of Basic Education for a Life-Long Education in Nigeria

Dr Benedict Igboh Ugbong


Basic Education is designed to prepare Nigerians to acquire the basic skills and knowledge that will enable them to become useful to themselves and the society. Basic Education is the foundation upon which all other levels of education are built upon. It is designed to provide fundamental skills and knowledge to all Nigerians of school-going age irrespective of their culture and background. It is the type of education that prepares citizens to contribute to self-development and the development of their immediate society. This paper examined the concept of basic education, the requirements of basic education, challenges and some strategies for ensuring a functional Basic Education beyond literacy and numeracy in Nigeria. The main thrust of this paper examined the functionality of basic education for a life-long education in Nigeria. Conclusion and recommendation were drawn that all education stakeholders’ hands must be on deck and government’s commitments to the provision of necessary funds and facilities for the operationalization of functional basic education in Nigeria must be total in order to actualize the dream of a functional education to Nigerians.

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