Muscular Strength and Endurance as a Measure of Physical Fitness Level of Nigerian Para-Military Personnel

U. O. Suleiman, N. C. M. Achikasim, G. J. C. Isaiah. J. A., Gwani & C. E. Dikki


The study assessed the muscular strength and endurance of three Nigerian para-military organizations. Field research design was adopted in this study. Data were collected using field method and document analysis. In achieving the purpose of the study, 35 male and 20 female NSCDC personnel, 30 male and 13 female FRSC personnel and 25 male and 10 female NIS personnel were randomly selected to serve as participants in this study. The sit-up and push-up tests for muscular strength and endurance were conducted on the participants. The performances of the participants in the tests were measured against the physical fitness standards established for the Nigerian para-military personnel. The data thus collected were statistically analyzed. The findings of this study revealed that the Nigerian Civil Defence personnel had significantly greater muscular strength and muscular endurance compared to other para-military personnel. On the basis of the findings of this study, it was recommended, among others, that during joint security operations, the highest volume of physically demanding tasks should be assigned to the NSCDC personnel, followed by the FRSC and then the NIS. Also, special and equal training should be giving to NSCDC, FRSC and NIS to be physically fit to carry out their operations.

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