Perception of Adult Education Students on the Nomenclature of Adult Education as a course of study in selected Universities of South East Nigeria

Dr Adaobi Victoria Nwoye, Dr Ekpenyong David Oboqua & Dr Judith Obiageli Ugwueke


This study investigated the perception of adult education students on the nomenclature of adult education as a course of study in selected universities of South East Nigeria. Two specific purposes and two research questions guided the study. The design adopted for this study was descriptive survey design. The population of the study was 150 adult education students drawn from two universities in the study area. There was no sampling technique because the population of the study was manageable. A structured questionnaire developed by the researchers titled “Perception of Adult Education Students and Nomenclature Questionnaire” (PAESNQ) was used for data gathering. The instrument was validated and administered to respondents. The reliability of the instrument was determined using Cronbach alpha methods at .86. Data collected were analysed using simple percentages. The findings revealed that students who were satisfied with the name adult education were low while those students that feel that the name adult education should be changed were high. Based on the findings, it was recommended among others that there should be adequate awareness creation and sensitization towards the study of adult education programmes by all levels of government in the study area.

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