Guidance and Counsellors’ Roles in Equipping Nigerian University Graduates for Employability and Competiveness in the Global Market

Dr Eberechukwu Francisca Chigbu & Dr Sunusi Muhammad Kani


The study investigated guidance counsellors’ roles in equipping Nigerian university graduates for employability and competitiveness in the global market. One research question and one hypothesis were formulated to guide the study. The study adopted a survey research design. The population of the study consisted of 45 guidance counsellors from four Nigerian universities. The instrument used for data collection was a 10-item questionnaire. The instrument was validated by three experts, one from the field of Measurement and Evaluation and two from Guidance and Counselling all from Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka. Mean, standard deviation and t-test statistics were used for data analysis. The study revealed, among others, that the roles of guidance counsellors include helping in the development of knowledge economy through sensitizing university students on skill empowerment. The study recommended, among others, that Nigerian universities should introduce new programmes in the various universities to build up youths in their various capacity and aptitude in skills and entrepreneurship related courses so as to compete globally in the market economy.

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