Islamic Psychology: A Panacea for Addressing Crises in the Muslim-dominated States in Nigeria

Tahir A. Abubakar, Abubakar Hamza Kaikai & Oteniya Mojeed Gbenga


This paper aimed at discussing the Islamic psychology as a panacea for addressing crises among Muslim-dominated states. In order to showcase the aim of the paper, the authors explained the concept of Islamic Psychology to show how it is different from any other branch of psychology. The article avers that knowledge of Islamic psychology is important because it helps to modify behaviour to conform to the teaching of the Holy Prophet, and it goes a long way in addressing crises among Muslims. The incorporation of Islamic psychology into the senior secondary school curriculum will go a long way in promoting knowledge of Islamic psychology and also minimize crises among Nigerian students. The paper also explains how Islamization of approach can be used to propagate the teaching and learning of Islamic psychology. The paper also discussed the concept of crises and Islamic goals as a means of providing solutions to crises emanating from Islamic states. The paper recommended, among others, that government should incorporate Islamic psychology as a subject into the Nigerian school curriculum to help spread knowledge of Islamic psychology across the states.

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