Role of Social Studies Education towards Meeting Democratic Leadership Challenges in Nigeria: Implications for Nation Building

Dr Victoria Simon Akpama, Christopher C. Ohanyere & Obazi Nkanu Inyang


Nigeria as a democratic nation has been plagued over the years with enormous democratic leadership challenges which have undermined her attempt at nation building. These challenges range from tribalism, nepotism, lack of authentic voters’ register, ethno-religious conflict, economic and political instability among others. A theoretical method was adopted in this paper, in which concepts like democracy, social studies, and nation building were extensively explicated. The paper examined the roles of social studies education geared towards meeting the democratic leadership challenges of Nigeria. The paper equally emphasized that for there to be a successful nation building in all ramifications, these challenges must be dealt with by using social studies as a tool. It is recommended among others that Social Studies and Civic Educators Association of Nigeria (SOSCEAN) and Social Studies Association of Nigeria (SOSAN) should form a synergy under one umbrella in order to formulate appropriate plan for proper implementation of Social Studies Curriculum in all Nigerian schools.

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