Payment of Salaries and work attitude of Library Staff in Tertiary Institutions in Cross River State, Nigeria

Tanne, Okim Takim


This study examined payment of salaries and work attitude of library staff in tertiary institutions in Cross River State, Nigeria. One research question and one hypothesis was formulated for the study. Conceptual, empirical and theoretical review was carried out accordingly. The study adopted the ex-post facto research design using the total population (census) for the study. The instrument used for the study was a five (5) item questionnaire on payment of salaries and library staff work attitude (PSLSWA) designed by the researcher. Independent t-test analysis was the statistical tool used to test the hypothesis at .05 level of significance. The finding revealed that payment of salaries was seen to significantly influence work attitude of library staff. It was also recommended among others that: Library staff should be adequately motivated through regular payment of salaries in order to improve their work attitude.

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