Effective Lesson Delivery: The Impact of Planning and Preparation

Esther Iroushu Ushie & Katen Godwin Daniel


The act of teaching at any level cannot achieve its aims and objectives without careful planning and preparation. There is therefore no doubt that every successful venture, every undertaking with a successful outcome has been preceded by careful planning. The importance of planning cannot be overemphasized. It is very pertinent for teachers to have at the back of their minds the reason why a lesson should be taught. Planning therefore is a point where the teacher strives to get a better understanding of the learners, the teaching contents, its scope and ordering, methodologies, the enhancers, the learning environment and assessment procedures.  For careful planning, there are certain approaches or questions in which every teacher should follow or ask himself or herself in order to achieve a worthwhile teaching experience.  This paper pays attention to the key components involved in lesson planning and preparation. Conclusion was drawn and it was recommended among others that teachers should be sensitized on the basic approaches to testing, planning and delivery.

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