Effects of Psycho-Social Counselling on Etiquette of Pupils with Eating Disorders

Prof Isuwa Jikukka Jurmang, Dr Lengnen Jurmang Jikukka & Ruth Umaru


This investigation seeks to find the effects of psycho-social counselling (PSC) on etiquette of pupils with eating disorders (PWED) in Jos North Local Government Area, Nigeria. The specific objectives are to determine the level in which PSC can improve habits of PWED and assess the level to which PSC can improve manners of PWED, using true experimental research design. The population was twelve (12), while the sample size was ten (10). Etiquette Scale was used to obtain data; three professionals vetted and guided the researchers in making revision on the items for content validity which was 0.812. The reliability of the instrument obtained using Cronbach’s Alpha Coefficient index was 0.842. Research questions were answered using mean scores, frequencies and percentages; while the hypotheses were tested using Analysis of Covariance. The results revealed that PST changed the etiquette of PWED to a moderate level. This study recommended that curriculum for primary and secondary schools be restructured to meet the etiquette needs of PWED using PSC.

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