Determinant Variables Influencing Tourism Employment: Empirics from Destination Cross River, Nigeria

Linus Beba Akeh


Tourism employment is believed to be influenced by some factors globally. While there is uncertainty in indices required for recruiting tourism workers, there are suggestions that influences on tourism employment revolve around some factors. The study examined the factors influencing tourism jobs in Destination Cross River. The study generated its data through field survey using structured questionnaire, administered on respondents of tourism establishments in Destination Cross River, Nigeria. Three variables were analysed (educational qualification, skills/competences, and years of experience) to see if they have any significant influence on tourism labour force. Descriptive and inferential statistics such as tables, simple percentages, charts, graphs, and photographs were utilized in analysis of data and presentation of results, while hypotheses were tested using the multinomial logistic regression analysis (MLRA) in IBM SPSS data analysis software, version 16.0. Multinomial logistic regression analysis (x2(2) = 2.001; P˃0.05) revealed that tourism employment was significantly influenced by educational qualification, skills/competences, and years of experiences of the tourism labour force. It is recommended that Tourism industry managers should avail themselves of trainings on recruitment of competent labour force to enhance staff retention and performance in the study area.

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