Tertiary Students’ Perception of the Utilization of ICT for Post-Covid-19 Instruction in Calabar Education Zone of Cross River State, Nigeria

Ikpeme, Nyenime Daniel, Okri, John Arikpo, Ugboma, Giftie Emmanuel


This study examined tertiary student perceptions of the use of ICT in Post-COVID-19 era in tertiary institutions in Calabar Education Zone. It employed survey research design; two research questions were proposed for the study which randomly selected 200 tertiary students. 40 students from the University of Calabar, 40 students from University of Cross River State, 40 students from Authur Jarvis university and 40 students from Cross River State College of Health Technology as the sample.  A likert-type questionnaire consisting of 20 items was used for data collection. The reliability coefficient of 0.78 was obtained using Kuder Richardson K-20. Data collected were analysed using descriptive statistics (simple percentage and graphs). It was discovered that students in Calabar Education Zone have positive perception of ICT for instructional purposes. Also, the findings revealed that tertiary students are enthusiastic about the use of ICT for teaching and learning It was recommended that there is need to provide the students with computers at all levels of education, subsidize the cost of purchasing a laptop for students especially in tertiary institutions where research is a common practice, and for use in teaching-leaning activities.

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