Child Discipline in the 21st Century: The Role of Parents and Teachers

Dr Kingsley Bekom Abang


Discipline is becoming extinct from among children and this is fast giving way to indiscipline. A careful observation of daily events in the contemporary society will show that children neither have respect for constituted authorities nor do they demonstrate a high sense of responsibility by way of loyalty and obedience to parents, elders and others, especially in this 21st century. It is on this background that this paper critically examines the role of parents and teachers as major stakeholders in the business of child discipline in the society. This is because the major part of the child’s life is spent with the parents at home, and the teacher while at school. The paper recommends among others that, teaching should be reserved for professionals and that the teacher recruitment process should be thorough and based strictly on merit. Again, disciplined and committed teachers should be rewarded by the school management. Moreover, parents should not have children when they are not ready, and parenthood should be for adults and not children.

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