Counselling Services Necessary for the Optimal Development of Elementary School Children in Nigeria

Dr Mary Oyinrepreye Biayeibo


As adults, children are faced with myriads of problems – physical, emotional, social, cognitive, economic and psychological. When these problems are not taken care of, they would impact on their lives forever. Majority of adults’ problems are traceable to their childhood problems that were not well-handled when they were kids. Children’s problems call for professionally trained counsellors to help the elementary school children work through their problems, thus enabling them to live a fulfilled life.  Professional counsellors have to render some counselling services that will bring healing to their problems and enhance their optimal development.  Hence this article examined the concept of child counselling, challenges of the elementary school child, signs indicating a child needs counselling, and counselling service fit for the elementary school children. It is recommended, among others, that counsellors should use all avenues in the school such as staff meeting, Parents Teachers Association, school functions to solicit the cooperation of school head, teaching and non-teaching staff and parents to refer their children that show mood swing or behaving abnormally to the counsellor. They should sensitize them that kids’ problems must be attended to properly and promptly.

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