Informal Education and Political Cognition: Towards the Actualisation of Nigeria’s Socio-Democratic Aspirations

Dr P. O. Titiloye & Damilare G. Tella


The position of this paper is that Nigeria’s inability to employ informal aspect of education to actualise its social aspirations constitute a barrier to the actualisation of Nigeria’s social aspirations. Adopting Gabriel Almond and Syndey Verba’s classification of political culture and that of Daniel Elaazar to determine the political culture of Nigerians, this paper avers that political culture of Nigerians is detrimental to the well-being of the Nigerian state. Major agents of socialisation such as family, media and religion are playing significant roles in this process, as they propel ethnic identity and blind religious loyalty to the detriment of national allegiance.  This paper then suggests that the only salvific solution is to design a national ideology from the point of convergence of the diverse polities within the country, else this problem will continue to persist at the disadvantage of the state.

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