Perception on Pre-Marital Sexual Relationship among Private Secondary School Students in Bayelsa State

Destiny Ebimie Anomietei


This study examined perception on premarital sex by private secondary school students in Bayelsa State and the implications for counselling. A survey research design was adopted for the study. 160 private secondary school students were sampled using the multistage sampling technique. Three research questions and two hypotheses were generated to guide the study. Data collected were analyzed using mean and standard deviation; hypotheses were tested using t-test and ANOVA. The study revealed among others that negative influence from friends, exposure to pornography via social media platforms, uncontrollable desire for sex and poor upbringing of children are the factors influencing students’ participation in premarital sex; the consequences of indulging in premarital sex are unwanted pregnancy, contracting STDs, and setting a bad example to others. The findings also revealed that public enlightenment on the dangers of premarital sex and proper home training of children by their parents are strategies for managing students’ involvement is premarital sex.   On the basis of these findings and the implications for counselling, it was recommended among others that guidance and counselling services should be made available in all secondary schools, both public and private.

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