Social Variables and Umbilical Cord Management: Perception of Nursing Mothers in Calabar Education Zone, Cross River State, Nigeria

Apie, Martina Ayibeya; Felicia Agbor-Obun Dan, Ushie Akpa,; Osaji, Nsagha Nkang; Pauline Ekun Ekuri, Levi Udochukwu Akah & Felicia Achi Abeng,


This study investigated the influence of social variables on umbilical cord management among mothers in Calabar Education Zone, Cross River State. The study was guided by three research questions. The Survey design was adopted for this study. Using the multistage sampling technique, the population of 1,068 respondents was reduced to a sample of 748 nursing mothers in the area of study. Umbilical Cord Nursing Mothers Management Status Questionnaire (UCNMMSQ) was the instrument used for data collection. The Cronbach’s alpha method was used to analyse the trial test data, with reliability estimates for the variables ranging from 0.50 to 0.81. Findings showed a positive influence of maternal education level, delivery and maternal knowledge of cord care on neonatal umbilical cord management respectively. It was concluded that the impact of maternal education level, place of delivery, and maternal knowledge of cord care are all the major social factors to which nursing mothers and health care workers must pay due attention to ensure effective delivery of quality patient care.

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