Availability of Business Information and Challenges in Establishing Small Scale Cooperative Societies in Cross River State, Nigeria

Dr J. O. Acha,  Dr L. J. Asor, Dr A. I. Ulayi & Dr H. A. Andong


The study examines major problems affecting the establishment of small scale cooperative societies’ businesses in Cross River State. Two research questions guided the study. The survey design was adopted. The population of the study comprised 300 Cooperators within the study area. A purposive sampling technique was used to draw up 160 cooperators for the study. A structured questionnaire designed by the researchers was used to collect data for the study. The instrument was validated by three experts from Science Education. The reliability data obtained were analyzed using Cronbach Alpha reliability method and a reliability coefficient of 0.99 was obtained. Data obtained were analyzed using mean and percentage. Results of the analysis revealed that poor management abilities, and lack of adequate business information to cooperators constitute major setback in the establishment of small-scale business cooperative societies in Cross River State. Based on the findings, it was recommended, among others, that government should review cooperative management policies.

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