Learner Support Services and Business Education Students’ Readiness for Online Learning at the University of Calabar

Dr Stephen Bepeh Undie, Jenny Ojobi Ibiang, Otu Francis Ejue, Omini Lekam Ibiang & Dr Ezekiel Usip Mfon


This study investigated how learner support services at the University of Calabar predict business education students’ preparation for online learning. Two specific objectives were established, two research questions were posed, and two null hypotheses were developed and tested at a significant level of .05. Pertinent literature was reviewed.¬† The population consisted of 147 University of Calabar 400-level business education students. This population also formed the sample using a census process. Data were gathered using a structured questionnaire with 40 items that were¬†validated by five specialists from the University of Calabar. Cronbach Alpha statistics were used to establish the questionnaire’s reliability, yielding reliability coefficients of 0.88 and 0.85 for the independent sub-variables and dependent variable, respectively. Following the administration of the questionnaire, the data collected was analyzed using linear regression analysis to test the hypotheses. The results show that academic and technological support services strongly predict business education students’ preparation for online instruction at the University of Calabar. Based on these findings, the study recommends that lecturers, counsellors, and academic technicians should encourage students to participate in digital education by offering intellectual, emotional, and other support services.

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