Promotion of Secure Learning Environment: A Clarion Call for Teachers and Facilitators

Zipporah Olufemi Egunjobi, Olusola Samuel Akinbode & Bolanle Olawumi Atoba


The significance of learning environment in the teaching and learning process is non-negotiable.  In spite of the efforts already exerted by the providers of both primary and post-primary education to secure school learning environment, the classroom teachers, specialist teachers and facilitators must also play their own role to promote the safety of the pupils, students and learners in order to complement the efforts of the providers of education at primary, post-primary schools and adult learning centres. To this end, the paper examines teachers and facilitators as actors in the promotion of secure learning environment. In order to achieve this feat, the paper discusses secure learning environment, teachers and facilitators under conceptual clarifications, and core values required by teachers and facilitators for effective promotion of secure learning environment.  The paper also discusses how teachers and facilitators can possibly promote the school environment to make pupils, students, and learners safe from all hazards that can retard the pace of learning achievements.  Based on the discussion of the paper, it was recommended, among others, that safety education should be incorporated into teacher education curriculum as a compulsory course for all disciplines.

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