The Planning Process for Effective Implementation of Educational Programmes

Prof U. I. Ekpoh & Dr M. E. Asuquo


The significance of education is the reason why governments of various countries including Nigerian government enunciate guidelines, standards, procedures, policies and strategies for effective planning to ensure feasibility in the implementation of educational programmes. Today, emphasis is placed on the implementation of laudable educational programmes in the quest to achieve their goals and objectives. In essence, educational programmes cannot be effectively implemented without a blueprint to guide the implementation. Therefore, successful implementation of educational programmes depends significantly on cognitive process of thinking about the implementation of the programmes. This paper therefore, focuses on the concept of planning, conceptual clarification of planning process, approaches to planning educational programmes, the rationale for educational planning process, factors militating against effective educational planning process, meaning and types of educational programmes, types of educational programmes in Nigeria, implementation of educational programmes, barriers to effective implementation of educational programmes in Nigeria and critical  factors for effective implementation of educational programmes. It was recommended that educational planning for effective implementation of educational programmes should be based on the current educational needs and that government at various levels should ensure that every educational planning is effectively implemented under the supervision of Ministry of Education.

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