Antisocial Behaviour among Adolescence: Counselling Implications

Dr Otonjo Ibim Emoyon-Iredia


Antisocial behaviour has recently grown to be a major issue. Increasing number of students are behaving abnormally in school, which disrupts the learning process. It may lead to issues with conformity with societal values, as it is well-known among teenagers who are learning how to fit in. These have implications for counselling. Antisocial behaviour is viewed as strange and morally wrong. Exam malpractice, rape, bullying, theft, truancy, lateness, and sexual immorality are some of the antisocial behaviours examined in this paper. An examination of antisocial behaviour, its causes, and theoretical explanations was also undertaken in this paper. The implications of antisocial behaviour for counselling and the role of a counsellor in rehabilitating antisocial behaviour are also covered in this paper. It is recommended among others that at all levels of education, there should be professional counsellors to assist in reversing the trend of antisocial behaviour.

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