Climate Change, Conflicts and Emotion Change in Nigeria: Drive towards Counselling and Social Intervention

Prof James Bassey Ejue, Dr Dorn Cklaimz Enamhe & Prof Elizabeth G. Akpama


This paper highlights climate change and its effects on emotions. Of particular interest was the link between climate change and violent conflicts in Nigeria and the emotional change among victims. To achieve this, qualitative methods were used to collect, collate, organize and analyse information from available literature. Through this process, it was revealed that climate change affected lakes, grazing fields and farm land. This has led to competition for the use of available but inadequate resources and inevitably, violent conflicts in North East, North Central, North West and more recently, South West Nigeria. Due to conflicts, many loved ones have lost their lives, many others have become homeless and lost means of livelihood. The conflicts leave many people with debilitating emotional states and grave psychological effects because people who were in control of their lives with sustainable livelihoods are now displaced and aid dependents. So, to mitigate these effects, counselling and social works interventions were proffered. The interventions include early warning, cognitive behaviour therapy, among others.

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