Curtailing Behavioural Disorders of Nigerian Youths through Counselling

Dr Ebikabowei Musah


Nigeria is presently passing through difficult times. There seems to be chaos almost everywhere in the country as a result of the numerous problems facing her. Among these problems is the issue of behavioural disorders of the youths who are supposed to be leaders of tomorrow. However, these behavioural disorders of the Nigerian youths appear to be increasing by the day, especially in the last two decades, either due to globalization or civilization. This paper, therefore, examined the problem of behavioural disorders among Nigerian youths. Based on related studies reviewed, behavioural disorders are categorized as educational, social and economic dimensions; possible causes of behavioural disorders as well as some proven counselling approaches to curtail them are discussed. Some recommendations were also made for other members of the society to assist in swaying youths away from behavioural disorders.

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