Curbing the Menace of Drug Abuse among Secondary School Students in Calabar Municipality of Cross River State, Nigeria

Dr A. S. Okoh, A. N. Edward & Dr M. A. Ngwu


The focus of this paper is on the menace of drug abuse among secondary school students. It discussed the reasons of drug abuse, drugs commonly abused, the theories of drug abuse and the effects of drug abuse on students. Youths are exposed early in life by their environment to drinking, smoking and substance abuse. This negative exposure influences them to get involved in drug without understanding its consequences. The involvement of youths in drug is a global threat and is cancerous to national development. They can stay free from drugs and live a happy live if they are educated on the adverse effect of drugs on their wellbeing and on the nation. The paper concluded that as a matter of urgency, all should work as a team to redeem the secondary school students who are trading their future for the destructive pleasure of drugs and drowning in the sea of drug abuse. Recommended among others is the need for teachers to be trained on identifying students using drug, having withdrawal syndrome and how best to manage them.

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