Effects of Self-Management Therapy on Entrepreneurial Aptitude of Persons with Post Lingual Hearing Impairment

Dr Lengnen Jurmang Jikukka, Masok Danladi Makop, James Okwoche & Francis Nanmwa Domak


This study investigated effects of self-management therapy on entrepreneurial aptitude of persons with post lingual hearing impairment. The specific objectives of this study are to determine the level at which self-management therapy (SMT) can improve communication skills and thinking skills of Entrepreneurs with Post Lingual Hearing Impairment (EWPLHI). Using pretest-posttest design type of quasi-experimental research, the outcome of interest was measured two times from experimental and control groups. The population of the study is fifteen (15) EWPLHI. The sample size is ten (10). Teacher Made Entrepreneurial Aptitude Test is the instrument used to obtain data in this research. To test hypotheses 1 and 2, at 0.05 level of significance, t-test analysis was employed. The results revealed that SMT changed the entrepreneurial aptitude (communication skills and thinking skills) of EWPLHI to a moderate level. This study recommended that Federal Government should partner with professionals such as Institute of Management Consultants and Institute of Professional Entrepreneurs and Strategic Administrators of Nigeria, to provide trainings, and entrepreneurial guidance and counselling for entrepreneurial development for EWPLHI.

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