Family, Value Education and Insecurity in Nigeria

Ahukanna Henry Ndubuisi


Nigeria is struggling with insecurity at virtually all fronts. Insecurity seems to be one of the hydra-headed monsters in the nation. More often than not, it takes the form of food insecurity, insecurity of lives and properties, cyber insecurity, social insecurity, psychological insecurity, territorial insecurity and lots more. Insecurity in Nigeria is a direct departure from the peaceful nature and culture of the nation’s fathers. Hence it has become imperative to examine the correlates of insecurity in present day Nigeria. Two envisaged proximate correlates of insecurity in Nigeria are family and value education. Family is the platform where the matrix of personality is formed. Concomitantly, value education is the embodiment of knowledge, skills and values pertaining to values that are incorporated into members of the society. The article inferred among other things that the contemporary changes in the content and function of families and unhealthy or materialistic value education are largely behind what manifests as insecurity in the Nigerian society. It was therefore recommended that families should sit up in their socialization functions while the society should restructure the value system and stop celebrating ill-gotten wealth at all quarters.

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