Intelligence versus Creativity in School Children: A Review

Dr Ebikabowei Musah


The main goal of education is to make the individual a better person, and by extension, sustainable development of the society. This is why teaching and learning in schools cannot be haphazard but strictly tailored towards achieving educational goals and objectives. In this regard, some knowledge of intelligence and creativity may give direction or guidance to teachers on which methods of instruction they might utilize in order to achieve educational objectives. This paper therefore discusses, in part, intelligence versus creativity in school children. It is aimed at enlightening readers about the concepts, their educational implications and how they could be fostered in school children. They are essential in education. It is more so if a society is striving for an educational system that addresses the problems confronting her. Nigeria deserves an educational system that promotes these elements. Theories/types, factors that influence intelligence, conditions that foster and those inimical to creativity, how creativity can be improved through instruction as well as the place of intelligence and creativity in education are discussed. Furthermore, some recommendations are also stated including that teachers should provide means for students to express themselves instead of confining them to school subjects only.

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