Nature Corner: Key for Promoting the Teaching of Science in Primary Schools

Dr Grace O. Edu, Dr Victoria Ejemot Aquah & Prof Bernedette U. Cornelius-Ukpepi


There are many instructional designs that can aid in bringing science closer to primary school pupils to arouse and sustain their interest, and to promote learning.  One of such is the nature corner where locally-sourced materials and real objects from the environment are gathered and kept. These materials comprise mainly, teachers’ and pupils’ collections of objects from their environments.  When properly utilized in the classroom by the teacher, Nature Corner can be a very effective means for promoting the teaching of science concepts at the primary school. As important as Nature Corner is, the appearance of modern technology has led to lots of changes in the learning resources scenery, such that it is possible to consider it outdated and ineffective.  Thus, this paper sought to emphasize the promotion of science learning through nature corner, elucidate the need for nature corner in primary school classrooms, and suggest measures for effective use of nature corner in primary schools.

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