Prevalence of Health Challenges among the Aged in Southern Cross River State, Nigeria: Implications for Educational Research in Counselling services

Mary Onyeje Orokpo & Udeme Bright Sunday


This paper examined common health challenges among the aged in Southern Cross River State, Nigeria. One research question was raised to guide the study. The Activity theory by H. J. Harvighurst propounded in 1963 formed the bedrock of the study. The study adopted a survey research design with a stratified and accidental sampling techniques to select a total of 857 respondents which constitute 5% of the total population of 17,136. A questionnaire titled “Health Challenges Scale” (HCS) was developed by the researchers and validated by experts in Guidance and Counselling, and Measurement and Evaluation. The reliability of the instrument was established using Cronbach’s alpha reliability coefficient and the coefficient of the scale stood at .82 which was high, and was adjudged to be reliable. Simple percentages and bar chat were used to analyze data. The result showed that health challenges is prevalent among the aged in Southern Cross River State, Nigeria. It was recommended, among others, that adult education should be encouraged to help them acquire the basic health literacy that will direct their way of life.

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