Resource Adequacy in Boarding Secondary Schools in Cross River State, Nigeria

Dr Manafa Ifeyinwa F., Dr Roseline A. Undie & Prof John A. Undie


This paper examined resource adequacy in boarding schools in Cross River State of Nigeria. Two research questions were posed to guide the investigation. Descriptive survey design was adopted. Purposive and proportionate stratified sampling techniques were adopted to choose a sample size of 266 from the population of forty two (42) boarding secondary schools with 833 teaching and non-teaching staff in Cross River State. A questionnaire titled “Adequacy and Management of Resources in Boarding Secondary Schools Survey Questionnaire” (AMRPBSSQ) was used in data gathering. This instrument was used in addition to an observation schedule and checklist to determine the degree of adequacy of resources in line with educational specification. To answer the research questions, ratios, percentages and bar chats were used. The results of the analyses revealed, among others, that there are resource inadequacies in the two categories of boarding schools. Based on the findings, it was recommended among others that setting up boarding schools should be contingent on fulfilling all educational specifications for takeoff as provided by the outcomes of education diagnosis.

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