Education and the Rehabilitation of Youth Inmates in Correctional Centres in Cross River State, Nigeria

Dr A. S. Okoh, A. N. Edward, I. H. Butswat, Dr M. E. Ngwu & Prof E. G. Akpama


This study investigated the role of education in the rehabilitation of youth inmate in correctional centres in Cross River State. The design used for the study, which was guided by a lone research question and hypothesis, was the ex- post facto.  A sample size of 482 inmates was purposively selected from the six correctional centres in the state. A validated 10-item questionnaire instrument with a reliability index of .98 was developed and used to collect data. The data collected was analyzed using percentage and simple regression.  The findings show that there is no significant relationship between education and the rehabilitation of youth inmates in correctional centres in Cross River State. Based on the finding, it was recommended, among others, that government should fully fund educational programmes in the correctional centres; and that the government should employ the services of only qualified teachers in the correctional centres just like it is done in the mainstream educational system.

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