Work Responsibilities, Work Environment, Productivity and Psychosocial Concerns

Dr Ahukanna Henry Ndubuisi


This paper examined work responsibilities, work environment, productivity and psychosocial concerns.  The world of work has become so complex in the 21st century; plethora of changes and challenges have emerged therein in recent times hence the need to recourse to psychological science for proper adjustment and utmost development. Present day work environment determines, to a large extent, the responsibilities assigned to workers. It equally determines the degree to which workers are poised to discharge their responsibilities efficiently. The focus of most organizations in the contemporary society is productivity; and work responsibilities and environment are integral to productivity of organizations. The ergonomic and economic relationship between work responsibilities and work environment geared towards productivity gives rise to psychosocial concerns such as motivation, collaboration, adequate staffing, proper regulation, conflict resolution, healthy competition, motivation and stress management which have bearing on Yerkes-Dodson’s Law of performance. This article explores these psychosocial concerns and recommends among other things that work responsibilities should be made clear to workers to avoid ambiguity and role conflict. It is also recommended that the work environment should be made conducive to foster the welfare and well-being of workers, which in turn will foster productivity in organizations.

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