Inadequate Child Parenting as Precursor of Corrupt Practices in Nigeria: Counselling Implications

By Dr Vera Nwadinobi, Dr Cordelia Ego Uzoezie, Dr Roseline Ekwutosi Queen Umezulike & Dr Dorothy Mmaegbunam Afunugo


 The issue of corrupt practices has generated much debate and controversy especially as the society is degenerating daily as a result of its ugly consequences. Inadequate parenting shares in the blame because parents have inescapable responsibilities as they bring up their children. When they fail in this responsibility of nurturing and guiding their children aright, the society suffers. This paper examined inadequate child parenting as it concerns corrupt practices and behaviour in Nigeria. In addition, the paper discussed counselling implications to child parenting and behaviour and of course corrupt practices. The authors began with conceptual explanations of child parenting/inadequate parenting, corrupt practices and counselling psychology. Some efforts put in place by the government to combat corruption were identified, even though it has not succeeded in reducing corruption. Since counselling has implication for inadequate child parenting and corrupt practices, the paper concludes and recommends among others that government should fund and establish counselling centers at all levels of the Nigerian educational institutions to enable psychologists and counsellors provide all round functional psychological and counselling services to all and sundry.

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