Creating Inclusive Learning Environment in Post Insurgency Communities’ Schools in Borno State, Nigeria

By Ibrahim T. Bokko


The paper examined the need for creating inclusive learning environment in the post insurgency communities’ school in Borno State. The review was based on Social Learning theory proposed by Albert Bandura in 1977. The theory sates that learning takes place through association, observation, modelling and imitation. Inclusive learning environment has the capacity to provide an opportunity for the categories of school age children to learn as a group and to learn living together. Inclusive school environment, Inclusive classroom, teachers’ roles in creating inclusive learning environment, relationship between teacher and students in inclusive learning environment were discussed. It was concluded that the nature of school and classroom environments in Borno State is not inclusive and physical structures are threats to special group, more especially the physically challenged, like the cripples. Among other suggestions proffered was that Borno State Ministry of Education should include the creation of inclusive learning environment in its State Education Sector Plan (SESOP).

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