Economic  Recession  and  Management  of  Public  Colleges  of Education in North Central Nigeria

By John Iorlaha Daagu, Terngu Desenenge & Joseph Asemakaha Iyo


This study investigated Economic recession and management of public Colleges of Education in North Central Nigeria. Three research questions and three hypotheses were formulated for the study. The design adopted for this study was descriptive survey design. The population of the study is 10,176 academic and non-academic staff of Colleges of Education in North Central zone of Nigeria. The sample for this study is 1,017 respondents. Simple random sampling technique was adopted to draw the sample size of the respondents. A structured questionnaire developed by the researchers titled “Economic Recession and Colleges of Education Management Questionnaire,” (ERMCEQ) was used for data collection. Mean Score and Standard Deviation were used to answer the research questions while Chi-Square was used to test the hypotheses. This study found that economic recession has influence on funding, continuous personnel development and the provision and maintenance of school plant in public Colleges of Education. The study recommended that the government and management of Colleges of Education should source for funds and allocate same to Colleges of Education for effective management of the institutions.

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