Psychology of Leisure and Creative Learning for The Nigerian child

Umo, Udeme Akaninyene; Anthony, Ntol Ngban & Abang, Kingsley Bekom


The nations’ economic, social and political wellbeing can never be better than the quality of education that they give to their children as the future leaders. This paper is addressing psychology of leisure and creative learning for the Nigeria child. The greatness of any nation is dependent on the caliber of men and women who will run their affairs in future. This paper extensively highlight the nature and characteristics of leisure and creativity, psychological theory of leisure and creative application, participation in leisure and creativity, how to promote leisure in children, how to promote creativity in children. The paper also highlights the importance of leisure and creativity in education, disadvantages of non-participation in leisure and creativity. In conclusion, the paper beams it light in the present status quo with a view of recommending resuscitation of this all important psychological attribute for sustainable development of the Nigerian child.

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