Understanding Mathematics Terms; A Panacea for Basic General Mathematics Improvement in Colleges

Emmanuel Asuquo Edoho, (PhD) & Esuong, Uwase Uwase


This research on understanding mathematics terms; a panacea for basic general mathematics improvement in colleges, investigated the relationship between students understanding of mathematics terms and their performance in basic general mathematics. To achieve the purpose of this study, one null hypothesis was formulated from one research question. A survey design was employed for the study. Two hundred (200) college students were selected by a simple random sampling technique. The instruments for data collection were the Test of Mathematical Terms Reading Ability (TMTRA) and the Mathematics Performance Test (MPT). Data obtained were analysed using Pearson’s Product Moment Correlation (r). Tested at P> 0.05 level of signifance. The result showed that the calculated r-value (0.322) was higher than the critical r-value (0.139) which implies that there is a significant relationship between students understanding of mathematical terms and their academic performance. From the findings it was concluded that emphasis should be laid on explanation of terms found in mathematics to improve understanding of the subject.

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