Household income of residents as a determinant of forest resource conservation in the support zone communities of Okwangwo division of Cross River National Park

Okang, O. A. & Effiom, J. E.


This paper examined the influence of resource conservation in the support house hold income as a determinant of forest zone communities of Okwangwo Division of Cross River National Park, Nigeria . One hypothesis was formulated to guide the study. Literature review was carried out based on the variable. Survey design was adopted for the study. Purposive and simple random sam pling techniques were used in selecting the 10 communities and the 295 respondents for the study. To collect data, the researcher designed and validated a 10 items four point modified likert scale questionnaire for data collection. The reliability estimate of 0.88 was established using Cronbach Alpha Reliability method. Analysis of variance and multiple regression statistical tools were used for data analysis at 0.05 level of significance with various degrees of freedom. The result of analysis revealed that there is a significant influence of household income on forest resource conservation in the study area. Among the recommendations made in the study based on the findings was that indigenes in support zones communities of Okwango forests should be included in any forest conservation programme which would be designed to improve their income level and at the same time conserve forests resources within their domain.

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