Traditional environmental practices on sustainable development, a case study of Yakurr Local Government Area of Cross River State, Nigeria, West Africa

Dr. Asuquo Bassey Asuquo; Bright Ewona & Mrs. Dorathy ikwen


The purpose of this study was to assess traditional environmental practices on sustainable development of resources protection conservation and preservation in Yakurr local government area of cross river state, Nigeria, West Africa. In order to effectively carry out the study, three research hypotheses were formulated to guide the study. Questionnaire was administered to respondents and the data obtained were statistically analyzed to test the variable to ascertain their significance. Two hundred Yakurr residents were selected through purposive, stratified and simple random sampling from four communities, fifty people from one community were chosen from each zone strata into south, east, north and west for the sampling, and the heterogeneous groups made up of different group of occupation, religion, gender and educational status using environmental resources in the study area. Pearson product moment correlation analysis was used to analyze the data. The result reveals that the people of Yakurr Local Government Area believe and practice various friendly environmental behavior and attitude that protect, conserve and preserve sacred forests and streams water resources for the present generation to come and meet them. On the strength of these results, recommendations among others were made that it is necessary for environmental education to be taught right from the primary level of education.

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