Perception and Attitude of Teachers towards Domestic Violence against Women in Yenagoa Metropolis of Bayelsa State

Esther Tamunoiyowuna Bruce-Agbogidi & Dr Stella Binebai Asangolo


The study investigated the perception and attitude of teachers towards domestic violence against women in Yenagoa Metropolis of Bayelsa State. Descriptive survey was adopted. Convenience sampling technique was used. A sample of 342 teachers was selected from a population of all secondary and primary school teachers in Yenagoa metropolis of Bayelsa State. A questionnaire titled “Questionnaire on Perception and Attitude towards Domestic Violence against Women” (QPADVW) was used to gather data. The validity of the items was verified by two experts in the field of Measurement and Evaluation. The reliability of the instrument was established as 0.76 using Cronbach alpha. Descriptive statistics such as mean, frequencies and percentages were applied to answer the four research questions which guided the study. Results reveal that teachers in Yenagoa metropolis perceive beating, verbal abuse, threats, false accusation of infidelity and canal knowledge without consent as acts of violence against women. Both males and females have a positive attitude towards violence against women. Based on the findings, recommendations were made including that women should be sensitized to speak out, and institutions should speak against all forms of domestic violence.

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