Workload and Job Satisfaction of Employees in Front Office Department in Hospitality Industry in Egor Local Area, Edo State: Implications for Counselling

Dr Osasere Owens-Sogolo & Itohan Dawn Osunde


This study, guided by one research question and one hypothesis, examined workload and  job satisfaction of employees in front office department in hospitality industry in Egor  Local Government, Edo State. The survey research design was used for the study. The  instrument used for collection of data was a questionnaire titled “Hospitality Industry  Employees’ Job Satisfaction Scale” (HIEJSS). The HIEJSS was administered on a  sample of 100 front office department employees in hospitality industry in Egor Local  Government Area, Edo State. Mean and Pearson’s Correlation analysis were used for  data analysis. The study revealed that there is a significant relationship between  workload and job satisfaction of employees in Front office department in hospitality  industry. It is concluded that employees in front office department in hospitality industry  experience average job satisfaction. It was recommended that the findings of this study  should be used as empirical basis for school counsellors in area of career counselling to  counsel students who intend to work in the hospitality industry. Students who intend to  work in the hospitality industry should be aware that workload in hospitality industry  can affect their job satisfaction negatively.

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