Counselling for Value Re-Orientation

Dr Pauline U. Ekpang, Beshel Fidelis Unimna & Roseline Anyiopi Undie


The emphasis for value re-orientation should be on resuscitating the collapsed society, school system, civil and public service, political class and legal institution, for them to continue to serve as change agents. The family structure is particularly important because it is the building block for the transmission of the “new-message” to the present and future generations. To achieve this objective, the paper focused on counselling techniques that can be used in giving value re-orientation to the citizenry. This paper avers that if counselling techniques such as releasing emotional tension, effective communication techniques, clarified thinking techniques, performance counselling techniques, among others, are well utilized by the counsellor, and youths in school and people in positions of authority are statutorily made to consult the counselling centres at regular intervals, there will be significant improvement in all strata of Nigeria‚Äôs national life. The paper observes that there is an urgent need for the citizenry to be systematically given re-orientation towards upholding the core values of the Nigerian nation. It concludes that there is urgent need for the people to be systematically given reorientation towards sustenance of the core values.

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