Creative Behaviour and Artistic Expression of Primary School Pupils in Ikom Education Authority of Cross River State, Nigeria

Dr Achi Ndifon Bekomson


The study was designed to investigate the influence of creative abilities on the artistic expressions of primary 4 pupils in Ikom Education Authority of Cross River State. Two research hypotheses were formulated for the purpose of this study. The design adopted for the study was the ex-post facto research design. The sample consisted of 366 primary 4 pupils selected through the simple random sampling technique. Two instruments used for data collection were a self-designed questionnaire titled “Creative behaviour Questionnaire (CBQ) and a test to ascertain the pupils drawing and colouring competencies. The instruments were validated by 3 research experts from Educational Psychology and Test and Measurement, all from the Department of Educational Foundations. Data collected were analysed using the one way Analysis of Variance (ANOVA). The result of the study revealed that creative behaviour significantly influences all the dimensions of artistic expression. Based on the findings, it was recommended, among others, that the teacher should design lessons in such a manner that will provide a child with variety of activities that will depict originality, independent learning and experimentation. It was also recommended that pupils should be introduced to materials that provide progressive warm up experiences. Keywords

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