School Counselling: A Vital Process in Achieving Effective Learning in Nigerian Schools

Dr Mogbekeloluwa Oluyinka Fakokunde


Learning is a very complex exercise which involves the development of the cognitive, affective and the psychomotor domains of the learner. However, the process of this development is not a smooth ride on the part of the various actors involved: that is the learner, the teacher and the school administrator. The trio is in a symbiotic relationship to achieve a desired goal which is effective learning. This could only be achieved when there is a synergy of purpose among the trio. This synergy involves timely identification of problems, isolation and proffering possible solution. Therefore, the place of counselling in the overall process of learning cannot be overemphasized. This paper therefore, presents the important roles of counselling in achieving effective learning in Nigerian schools. The scope of the paper includes the concept of Guidance and Counselling, School counselling services for effective learning, roles of teachers in the counselling process for effective learning among others. Recommendations made include the need for management and leadership of schools in Nigeria to give prominence to counselling services in the schools, creation of adequate funds for counselling services and the need for periodic training and retraining of counsellors and supporting staff in the school system.

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