Counselling Services for Effective Care of the Aged in Nigeria

Enegbe Innocent Fakrogha


The elderly persons in Nigeria are facing a lot of persistent challenges. They live in a country which has often been described as a rich nation inhabited by poor people. Consequently, their lives are characterized by growing inadequacies in customary family supports, social exclusion, and non-existent social security. This paper therefore takes an exploratory look at the concept of aging, theories of aging, the debilitating situation of the elderly ones in Nigeria and tries to proffer counselling intervention strategies suitable for ameliorating the challenges of the aged. The paper concluded that counselling profession’s commitment is to provide psychological support through follow-up services. Based on this, it was recommended that individuals with aged parents and government should make counselling services available to the aged in their various homes or social welfare centres in the country. It is also expedient for non-government agencies, religious bodies to incorporate the provision of counselling service for the aged.

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