Readiness Challenge: Functional Education Lacuna in Nigeria and the Fallacy of Hopelessness

Roseline A. Undie, Lucy Ugbe, Ph.D & Prof John A. Undie


From a selfie of Nigerian educational system, it is a source of concern that the problem of non-functionality of education in Nigeria could not in all respect be associated with COVID-19 pandemic. Even if it is, there are already proactive measures to stem the spread through strict observance of its protocols, and development of vaccines for inoculation, which Nigeria had already taken delivery of some doses. Effective virtual learning, which is today an encouraged mode of pedagogy, is also not a strange concept in Nigeria, as it is the fundamental philosophy guiding the operations of National Open University in Nigeria. It is believed that there is no fault associated with the problem of non-functionality of Nigerian educational system due to COVID-19 pandemic, rather there is fault with the readiness of the educational system on its deliverables, vis-à-vis the promotion of healthy lifestyles, means of livelihood, and being useful in the world of work. It is therefore on this note that this article on “readiness challenge: functional education lacuna in Nigeria and fallacy of hopelessness” becomes apt and for which the paper explored and charted new directions.

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