Citizenship Education: A Key to Sustainable Democratic Structures in Nigeria

Sunday Mgba Adie, Fyentirimam Dan-Asabe & Christopher C. Ohanyere


A nation with most of its citizens lacking in participatory skills with poor social values will have citizens’ actions hindering the flourishing and sustenance of democratic structures. This paper aimed at examining the effectiveness of citizenship education, highlighting how the younger generations are being prepared for democracy in Nigeria. No doubt, Nigeria is at the verge of total collapse, the economy is in shambles and the political atmosphere is violently charged. Arson and murder, dishonesty, rape, armed robbery, violent communal clashes, bribery and corruption, banditry, kidnapping and many other social vices are fast becoming the features of Nigerian life. Nobody seems to be safe in the country due to the activities of the misguided youths who are fast taking delight in destruction instead of reconstruction. This situation results from the unfortunate loss of Nigerian traditional values, norms and good morals which ensured a stable, disciplined and self-reliant society in the past. The hope of this nation is the education for every citizen to play his role, discharge his responsibilities, know his rights, understand his country’s constitution, the politics, the ethics, the religious, the economic and the ideas that make the nation a unique geo-political entity.

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