Public Perception and Attitude towards Copyright Legislation and Book Piracy in Nigeria

Dr James Ogom Odu, Dr Benedict Igbor Ugbong & Dr Augustine Odido Oshiomu


This study was conducted in Cross River State, Nigeria. Members of the public constituted the population of the study. Accidental and purposive sampling techniques were used to identify 800 members of the public who participated in the study. Questionnaire and interview methods were the instruments used for data collection. The data collected were analysed using simple percentages. The study found, among other things that, most members of the public perceived book piracy as a source for cheap books and a means of livelihood. This is influencing their attitude towards patronage of pirated books. Besides, there is lack of public awareness of copyright legislation as large number of respondents does not know of its existence while others perceived it as a legislation that cannot be enforced. The study recommended that the fight against book piracy in Nigeria should involve synergy with the public as some members of the public do not see anything wrong with book piracy, arguing that original books are too expensive.

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